The ECHOS PR team is led by seasoned senior executives. We have decades of experience, trusted relationships with national and international editorial decision-makers, and extensive expertise in developing a diverse range of communication solutions.

ECHOS religiously educates the media and takes time to ensure editors fundamentally understand what we’re offering, what the message is, and how the product can benefit consumers’ lives. This level of commitment allows our team to remain experts in the media’s eyes and to always be on the short list for editorial opportunities.

The magic happens when consumers encounter surprise-and-delight touchpoints with products and brands in their daily lives via cross-pollination within all media, both on- and offline.

The power of ECHOS is in our countless connections in the media world, but we are well aware it takes more then connections. It takes a certain personality to thrive in this realm and live for the thrill of the kill, to secure needle-moving editorial time and time again.

This is what we do all day, every day.

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We provide detailed reporting that is not only insightful but provides visibility and accountability every month to our partners.

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