Boulder Film Festival

We are honored to represent the Boulder International Film Festival. The opening night was a huge success, we have been able to secure high-level media to promote the first annual inclusion of VR/360. There’s no doubt VR is here to stay, the only question is how and what brands will do with the technology in hopes of telling a deeper and engaging story.

The Boulder International Film Festival will introduce a VR/360 film component at the 2017 Festival in order to present to attendees and the Boulder community a new kind of storytelling experience. Whether you’re curious about cutting edge technology or anxious to experience some of the latest immersive content being created worldwide, BIFF’s virtual reality pavilion will be a free, two-day attraction that will be one of the most exciting elements of the 2017 Festival.

The BIFF virtual reality pavilion will contain 12-15 stations utilizing most kinds and levels of VR equipment and will give attendees a wide choice of curated short VR experiences from around the world. Content is being created every day, and the BIFF program will highlight the newest, most creative and highest quality content available.

The pavilion will immerse festival attendees in the ground-breaking new world of virtual reality. It’s not often in one’s lifetime that a new storytelling medium comes along, and virtual reality is being quickly integrated into film festival programs around the world, in part because the opportunity for innovation and collaboration across disciplines is nearly unprecedented. Virtual reality brings together the digital, online, and filmmaking communities in a way that creates a new art form and a new way to experience great storytelling.

Here in Boulder, Colorado we have a unique opportunity to promote local synergies between our rich and vibrant tech community and the wealth of artists, writers, filmmakers, and students from up and down the Front Range. We will also feature speakers, panels, beer-tastings and a reception collaboratively mounted during the Festival to further our goal of taking a leadership position in the virtual reality arena.

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