Communications & Public Relations

Everything starts with a conversation; it’s as simple yet as complex as that.

Our relationships with journalists are authentic and built over years of hard work, earning their trust, and representing some of the most innovative brands in the world.

Like any conversation, media engagement cannot be forced. We understand how the media works, what they need, and relevant stories and product that will align with their beat. Our team works alongside the media to consistently and accurately provide quality information on deadline.

The ECHOS team flows through conversations with lifestyle, tech, outdoor and bike media all day, every day. Our partners get fast-tracked and on the short list for editorial consideration and placement. We convey our partners’ messages to the right journalists at the right time and are passionate about the brands we represent.

We are proud of the fact we represent brands that we admire and respect, and we naturally want to tell their story. We set the course in collaboration with our partners, set out to crush the competition and achieve our mutual goals. This is what sets ECHOS apart from the pack – this is how we win.

The magic happens when consumers encounter surprise-and-delight touch points with products and brands in their daily lives via cross-pollination within all media, both on- and offline. Through our media relations and product placement, we build this connective tissue in the media to create and build brand awareness and support sales.

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