ECHOS has been focused on creating authentic, in-person connections since day one. And in today’s fast-paced digital world, we’re doubling down.

REVERB is a bridge from digital to physical

ECHOS Communications has redefined the modern global agency by creating REVERB – an event and production program that creates ambitious outdoor and media experiences for brands to tell their stories to journalists, distributors and dealers. REVERB is designed to create authentic and memorable analog experiences.

REVERB experiences are not for everyone; luxurious wine-and-dine-style press junkets are a dime a dozen. REVERB is designed around environments where brands and products are critical to the experience, from the ride or ski that day to the campfire at night. This genuine approach ensures that we get the best journalists and allows for legitimate product testing and storytelling that can only happen in the environments that products are designed for.

The success of REVERB comes from the experienced team at the helm and the combined capabilities that work together from media to content and logistics. We offer an established big-mountain content team for videography and photography that amplifies each REVERB experience through post-event awareness, and provides our partners with a campaign-ready arsenal of assets to tell the world about the adventure through product storytelling, photography, videography, IG sizzler reels, short film, and more.

REVERB projects include:

Pop-Up Activations: Engage with journalists in select cities or locations. Identify influencers and invite them in for a VIP experience. We engage with people we admire and ask for their participation at events and start new conversations. These heroes naturally share their experiences through social channels that then reaches a new audience. This genuine approach, straight to the right people is how brands get an edge in a crowded market.

Brand Activations: We create media or exclusive VIP engagements during a tradeshow, event or new market or audience introduction.

REVERB Showrooms: We have been engaging with media and executing PR tours for 15 years. ECHOS hosts annual NYC media showroom that engages with the top tier journalists. An in-person meeting with editors creates brand equity that simply can’t be built via email.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project.

Below are photos of the recent ECHOS REVERB Backcountry Jackson Hole Event. Images from Todd Williamson, James Adamson, Cort Muller

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