We created REVERB as a bridge from digital to physical

REVERB is a physical space or location where we create genuine analog experiences. A place where brands can directly connect with journalists and tastemakers and create relationships with the people who really matter.

The digital world may dominate attention. But it can be scattered – editors and tastemakers are losing the direct connection with brands. It’s human nature to want a physical connection – a real conversation. REVERB creates those experiences and conversations in a format that editors and tastemakers enjoy, and builds solid and lasting brand awareness.

REVERB projects include:

Pop-Up Activations: Engage with journalists in select cities or locations. Identify influencers and invite them in for a VIP experience. We engage with people we admire. We ask for their participation at events and we create new conversations. These heroes naturally share their experiences through social media that then reaches a new audience. This genuine approach – straight to the right people – is how brands get an edge in a crowded market.

Social (Media) Engagement: Our approach with social media is to identify and engage with people who are directly or closely aligned with the brand and ask for their participation with ongoing activations. The end goal is to build from their following and generate authentic content for your brand’s channels. We call this social currency.   

Brand Activations: We create media or exclusive VIP engagements during a tradeshow, event or in a new market or targeting a specific audience segment.

PR Tours: We have been engaging with media and executing PR tours for 15 years. We work with our brand partners to establish the best strategy and build a roadmap that allows for authentic touch points with journalists. An in-person meeting with an editor creates brand equity that simply can’t be built via email.

Tastemaker Seeding: Times have changed. For brands to be noticed – or experienced for the first time ever – product needs to be used as the initial touchpoint in your targeted social circles. For years we have cultivated relationships with the right people who can help build brands through social influence.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project.