Social Marketing

ECHOS Goals for Social Influencer Marketing:

  • Build a broader community around the brand
  • Support product launches / brand announcements and special programs
  • Create content and messages that by nature reach outside of our immediate, brand-owned channels and the media channels
  • Find great people who love the brand and want to secure longer-term relationships for influencer roles and/or photography

Our Influencer Community:
We work with the most creative voices across all social media platforms and content categories. Using our unique experience, we look at your brand DNA and connect you with the right influencers who match it. Then we amplify your brand story at scale by co-creating authentic content that gets people talking.

There are three areas of influencer marketing that work for brands, and others simply do not move the needle. Not every brand or project is the same, nor is the offering of the brands to influencers all equal. All brands want to engage with people; however, brands need to realize that their message and product do not attract everyone the same.

Below are triggers for engagement with influencers. Fundamentally, everything starts with a conversation, and brands should not have expectations from people without creating a relationship on some basic level.

  • Product Seeding
  • Content Generation
  • Awareness

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