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Jeremy Spencer


Jeremy is an award-winning writer/editor/creative director with more than 16 years in communication arts, working with leading media companies and brand agencies to tell compelling stories and create powerful experiences, no matter the medium. Strong creative vision backed by sound strategy comes naturally to this communications vet, who’s worked as both a full-timer and free agent on both the inside and outside of the media and marketing worlds: PR and editorial, agency and brand. This uniquely diverse experience translates to deep, 360-degree insights as the foundation of his strategic creative work.

During eight years as an editor at Outside magazine, he teamed with world-class creatives on a daily basis, traveled the world, and, as a lead on the review team, spent thousands of hours with thousands of products. Brand reps and R&D folks sought him as a key media expert, critic, and tastemaker. Several years ago, after more than a decade of freelancing as a writer, consultant, and strategist for ad agencies and marketing firms large and small, he moved to the agency side, which has seen him concept, strategize, and execute integrated-marketing campaigns for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small local businesses. He’s spent time in the trenches on everything from branding, design, advertising, retail, and web to mobile, social, mail, events, and guerrilla.

At Echos, Jeremy is charged with bringing the big ideas—directing top-flight conceptual creative that can live as multi-channel advertising and experiences—building the multidisciplinary teams that can execute them at the highest level, and leading and collaborating on strategic vision in the realms of newfangled marketing: viral, disruptive, guerrilla, metamorphic, and whatever’s next. He also serves as senior media strategist for brand communications.

Besides his family, his passions include adventure travel, outdoor sports, wilderness exploration, and midcentury French bicycles. Tennessee natives, he and his wife have three little girls with appropriately beautiful names.