Rob Reedy

CEO - Founder

With an unfaltering obsession for the outdoors, action sports and the desire to be involved with brands and companies that have an impact on society, after pursuing a degree in Architecture Rob Reedy was drawn to Boulder, Colorado for the active lifestyle and to the University of Colorado for International Affairs.

In the early 90s, he began his career as an international man of mystery with a string of modeling jobs both nationally and internationally. Though it wasn’t everything that “America’s Top Model” would lead one to believe, the rollercoaster ride that his life turned into because of it awarded him a wealth of experience from print campaigns, broadcast, fashion runways and street level promotions. His bragging rights include working with Adidas, The North Face, Polo, Fila, and Salomon to name a few. Living and working in Europe advanced his language base, resulting in the good fortune of being a linguistics triple threat in English, Spanish, Italian.

Being an individual of many passions, Rob’s love of the music culture provided him access to work for world-class venues in Ibiza, Spain. In addition, he held the position as the Director of Public Relations for Soma, a globally recognized dance club located in Colorado. His dedication and relentlessness aided in the ranking of Soma as one of the top 10 clubs in America.

One might assume that he doesn’t sleep, as in addition to the music director career, and the modeling career he has over fifteen years experience in public relations, brand management, and marketing. Rob can stand up proudly and beat his chest by acquiring a gold Rolodex of contacts over the years. His Public Relations and Media Relations skills are something legends are made of. Rob has been an integral part in the success of leading brands and helping companies achieve their goals (which it should be noted is occasionally achieved by the aforementioned chest beating.)

Prior to creating Echos in late 2009, the most recent feather in Rob’s cap was a seven-year stint as the Marketing Director for Chrome Bags– A premier urban lifestyle brand. He was an integral part of the brand’s success of navigating through popular culture and becoming a name that is synonymous with the world of bicycle messengers worldwide and trendsetting urban dwellers. He has introduced the brand to targeted segments in a genuine and strategic manner. His in-depth knowledge of consumer social behaviors has played a significant role in the development of relationships with key influencers in both media and street-level heroes. These relationships have rewarded Rob with top-level connections in very hard to reach subcultures, leading publications and hard to get in blogs and websites that encompass specific segments.

This, of course, is a very fancy way of saying that he has his fingers directly in the pie of a culture that is notoriously suspicious of marketing groups as well as anyone who attempts to use them and their lifestyle as a means of branding. This isn’t because he is a shrewd chameleon who tells these particular subcultures what they want to hear, but rather, an integral member of the group. A man who wholeheartedly practices what is preached, which is impossible to be fabricated, or replicated.

This discipline and strategic vision is an absolute necessity for a company of any size who might be competing for market share while establishing their brand. Rob brings a fresh and integrated approach to all PR, marketing and branding opportunities while treating all clients like rock stars and the best of all, delivering results. He stands head and shoulders above a network of seasoned professionals, whose drive and dedication to delivering consistent results is second to none, and it’s with this experience and respect that Rob developed ECHOS Communications- The final word in providing his clients not only the best possible service but results.

When taking a break from work Rob can be found chasing the stoke every second he can. He is at peace when charging the surf, kiteboarding, ripping singletrack and chasing the storm for the powder. His passion for the outdoors is infectious for whoever has the pleasure to ride with him.