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Since 2009, ECHOS has partnered with brands we admire. We’re confident that you’ll quickly see what makes our team stand apart — strategy, unparalleled client service and results.


Since our founding in 2009, ECHOS has been helping bike brands grow with public relations and activations around road, mountain, gravel and the culture. We offer a deep understanding of the bike media landscape and how to be successful within it, and we’re confident that there’s simply no better team to give your brand an advantage.

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ECHOS offers years of experience working with endemic moto media and developing creative approaches to help moto brands reach across to lifestyle and outdoor channels. Whether they ride or not, many people find the moto way of life is aspirational, and the historic impact on culture is significant. Storytelling shines from the details, and our team can develop and surface those stories to create a consistent drumbeat of brand and product media coverage.

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Snowsports people are a rare breed. They wake up early, often drive far, and are equal parts meteorologist and goofball, always chasing the unequaled thrill of slaying POW and the grins that result. Try to find a more fervid tribe, because - as members ourselves - we don’t think it’s possible. This mentality serves us well: it’s core to understanding the snow industry and media landscape, a finite universe of people who drank the proverbial Kool-Aid years ago. When it’s time to introduce a new brand or launch a product, it’s critical to have the right team on your side that understands and thrives in the world of snow.

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Outdoor brands and the gear they offer fuel that way of life, enabling us to go farther and stay outside longer, doing what we love to do - hike, camp, run, explore, travel...the list goes on. From seasonality to a broadening consumer base, the outdoor media has a lot to work with and thousands of brands vying for limited attention. In our experience, relationships and a professional yet playful approach cuts through the noise, creating opportunities for outdoor brands to shine and reach coveted audiences.

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The ultimate indication of a good PR team is the ability to create stories that cut through the noise and resound across media verticals. Lifestyle media is a true growth area for brands, particularly those with solid endemic media awareness. From consumer electronics to core outdoor gear and everything in between, ECHOS has the relationships to help brands amplify their reach into the ever-expanding lifestyle media category, all while maintaining and growing media presence in the core market.

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The ECHOS team offers years of expertise supporting consumer electronics and consumer tech brands, helping them grow through strategic communications programs. Nearly every brand has a tech story to tell, from processes to materials and new features, and we’ve built a team able to develop creative tech angles that resound in and beyond the tech media. From wearable airbags to the ultimate smart baby monitor and military-spec device protection, ECHOS has proven to be a trusted communications partner that delivers relentless wins for tech brands.

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Redefining Brand


Our activations are custom-built for our brand partners, and fully managed by the ECHOS team. From our annual pop-up media showroom in NYC, to a campus tour with our custom-built 30 foot deployment vehicle, to an aggressive sled-access-only snow camping trip into the Jackson Hole backcountry, our events are creative, strategic and memorable, and are designed around highlighting brands and products in a way that’s unique, hands-on and surfaces the best.



Creating Memorable

Experiences for Journalists

Reveal is a global media conference dedicated to creating memorable, impactful, and informative experiences for journalist through showcasing highly-curated brand stories in real-time.

“Kudos on REVEAL — you all did a killer job putting that together and making it feel like a true substitute for an in-person experience.”

Tanner Bowden

Staff Writer, Gear Patrol

“In a challenging moment, ECHOS showed their creativity and talent and put together an entertaining and informative program that was genuinely helpful.”

Matt Phillips

Senior Editor, Bicycling Magazine

"…this was a home run—you guys set the tone! Nobody is going to go back to actual showrooms after this."

Matt Bean

Editor in Chief, Sunset

“REVEAL was the exact right thing at the right time — a fantastic way to get a feel of new products. In some ways, it was better than the old-school approach.”

Jason Harper

Freelance, Cool Hunting