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ECHOS Communications Named Affiliate Agency of the Year by AvantLink

As a growing revenue stream for brands, publishers, and influencers, affiliate marketing has quickly become standardized as a performance-based partnership between brands and publications. Today, it’s a key element of the PR mix and requires strategic negotiations, optimization, and trend analysis.

Expanding the parameters of paid, earned, social, and influencer media, affiliate marketing has and continues to evolve into a critical component of media relations success. It starts at a partner level, where we look to build brand-focused relationships and expand the reach of brand awareness. We combine deep category insights with industry-leading analytics capabilities to help brands break through the noise and drive traffic.

Our Partners

There are a lot of affiliate marketing agencies and companies that only focus on affiliates or manage PR, but don’t keep it all in-house. We believe both of these options are the wrong approach. Affiliate marketing is a pillar of the communications strategy and can also be a notable source of revenue for brands.

From the very start, we work with our brand partners on how to get started with an affiliate marketing program, drafting the right affiliate guidelines and working with brands step by step until program launch. From there, we handle program management and growth: recruit, incentivize, communicate, and build relationships and partnerships with all digital mediums. Since working with affiliate partners is performance-based, the payout only happens when a sale is made.

A Look Into
Our Process

Platform Set-Up

We choose the best platform to integrate with your brand, website, and objectives. Then we partner with your creative team to develop affiliate-ready content for your platform.


We identify and onboard existing relationships, and sign up new affiliates, while also using affiliate commissions to open new doors.


We keep affiliates engaged and active with up-to-date with regular feedback, amplify promotions, coordinate launch details and digital asset distribution.


We monitor the promotion of your brand and ensure affiliates get paid and all returns and cancellations are backed out, while ensuring compliance to program policies are followed.


We constantly evaluate your program and tailor it to meet you specific goals and objectives to drive results for your brand.

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