Activations and Experiences

Next Level of
Communications and Activations.

We knew the best way to connect with the cultures we admire was to create something interesting and surprising with a natural fit for a brand.

In 2016 we formalized the program under the name REVERB – a worldwide event and production program that creates ambitious activations for brands to tell their stories to journalists, distributors and dealers—designed to create authentic and memorable analog experiences.

Every activation is custom-built for our brand partners, and fully managed by our team. From our annual pop-up media showroom in NYC, to a campus tour with a custom-built 30 foot deployment vehicle to an aggressive sled-access-only snow camping trip into the Jackson Hole backcountry, our events are creative, strategic and memorable.

Our Partners

Reverb events are designed around highlighting brands and products in a way that’s unique, hands-on and surfaces the best.

Through REVERB, ECHOS proudly delivers on every aspect of global event production: permits, insurance, scouting, production, creative, logistics, human resources, local community involvement, media engagement and post-production of content.