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The REVEAL Global Media Conference is a crossroads of brands and media to connect about the products. Our event series was designed to tell brand stories in an authentic way, embracing what is core to our shared business needs and overcoming challenges brought by the pandemic.

A professionally managed, hosted and moderated webinar seamlessly handled by our team, we invite, meticulously prepared brands to present a highly curated program tailored to each category & culture. Hosts and moderators manage the schedule, present brand representatives, and field questions from the media. From anywhere in the world, presenters can feature product images and other assets, screen short video clips, and demo physical product. After the presentations, all valuable product information, media assets, and contact information for each brand are consolidated and shared with the participating journalists.


Participating Brands

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Tanner <span>Bowden</span>
“Kudos on REVEAL — you all did a killer job putting that together and making it feel like a true substitute for an in-person experience.”

Tanner Bowden

Staff Writer, Gear Patrol

Matt <span>Phillips</span>
“In a challenging moment, ECHOS showed their creativity and talent and put together an entertaining and informative program that was genuinely helpful.”

Matt Phillips

Senior Editor, Bicycling Magazine

Jason <span>Harper</span>
“REVEAL was the exact right thing at the right time — a fantastic way to get a feel of new products. In some ways, it was better than the old-school approach.”

Jason Harper

Freelance, Cool Hunting

Matt <span>Bean</span>
"…this was a home run—you guys set the tone! Nobody is going to go back to actual showrooms after this."

Matt Bean

Editor in Chief, Sunset

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Sustainability & The Supply Chain - October 6, 2020

Sustainability & The Supply Chain - October 6, 2020


Sustainability and The Supply Chain

Historically “behind the scenes” machinations of product companies, their vendors, and the logistics that tie it all together are more in the spotlight than ever before. With that heightened consumer awareness comes questions regarding the sustainability and ethical nature of how resources are processed into products and delivered to the your door. We’ve brought together industry leaders who have audited, analyzed, and reworked their companies operations to reduce their footprint, increase positive impact, and set an example for a better, more sustainable way of doing business.

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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors


Enjoy Outdoors, Now & Tomorrow, Part 1: The Great Outdoors

How are we pivoting our outdoor engagement and “responsibly recreating” in these different times? The outdoors has an extra special allure right now, but as outdoor experts, how do we define “responsible recreation” and how are we engaging with our community to educate around this? Will we see a different future for the outdoor industry and outdoor spaces as a result of the current situation? Key thought-leaders weigh in!

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On Two Wheels

On Two Wheels


Enjoy Outdoors, Now & Tomorrow, Part 2: On Two Wheels

The supply chain is disrupted, bikes are selling out all over the country, more riders are out on trails and the roads alike. Is this a moment? Will the cycling mini-boom last? Is this the start of a new reality for a sport that has seen popularity rise and fall before? How can small mountain towns deal with tourism, which brings the income and now potentially a deadly virus? Will tourists only be from their home state? Or will the pilgrimage to our favorite riding destinations come back to life?

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